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Many adult foot problems originate in childhood or have a genetic (hereditary) basis. Parents are often concerned about flat feet, intoeing, out-toeing, knock-knees or bow legs. Our podiatrists evaluate these problems and assess whether they are part of normal development or will need some form of treatment.

Children will not often complain about their feet or legs hurting but because their feet are so flexible, they can be altered without parents or the children themselves realising it.

Children can also experience problems with their skin and nails. Some conditions (in-grown toenails, athlete’s foot and warts) require treatment from a podiatrist, while others may be helped by changes in hygiene or shoes.


A check up with a podiatrist is recommended if:

  • You notice uneven shoe wear
  • You notice any skin rashes, hard skin lumps or bumps on your child’s feet
  • Your child complains of recurrent pain in the feet and/or legs
  • Your child is constantly tripping or falling

Or you have any other concerns about your child’s feet.

The team at Kenmore Podiatry Clinic take a special interest in children’s feet and are happy to answer any queries you might have. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.


For more information about foot problems, go to our Advice Centre which has factsheets you can download as well as the latest news on foot conditions or just contact us with your questions.