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An ingrown toenail is a common complaint that usually occurs when a piece of nail edge grows into the skin causing pain and inflammation in one or more toes. It usually affects the big toenails and often is infected. Ingrown tonails may be caused by an incorrectly cut toe nails, poorly fitting footwear, injury or because of an excessive curvature of the nail.

If caught early on, the ingrown toenail is easily treated by painlessly removing the section of the nail causing the problem and your podiatrist will discuss the ongoing management of ingrown toenails with you.

Nail surgery can become necessary when an in-grown toenail repeatedly gets infected, is continually painful and it becomes painful to wear shoes and socks. Surgery will be performed by your podiatrist under local anaesthesia, whereby a more long term solution can be offered.  The healing time for this procedure can vary from 2 – 6 weeks, so your podiatrist will suggest you organise return visits and give you home-care advice.

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