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Walking and running injuries can affect people of all ages, both amateur and professional athletes, and those that are just out to get fit. Our team are experienced in the prevention and treatment of a variety of different walking and running injuries that can arise from triathalon, football, soccer, hockey, basketball, netball and other forms of exercise.


We will discuss how to avoid injury in the first place.  For instance, many injuries are caused by wearing old shoes.  You should replace your shoes every 500 km’s and get footwear fitted properly to suit you and your exercise levels.

Many of the running and walking conditions are not just foot related, but include recurrent calf injuries, achilles tendon troubles, shin pain, knee and Illiotibial Band Syndrome (IBS) pain, along with general heel, foot and ankle sprains and pains.

We will do a thorough assessment which includes a detailed gait analysis which is particularly useful for runners. Contact us to find out more or make an appointment.


For more information about foot problems, go to our Advice Centre which has factsheets you can download as well as the latest news on foot conditions or just contact us with your questions.